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Leasing Information

2023/2024 Update:
Waitlist is open. Please email: for all inquires.

In Order to Fully Understand our Criteria-

Cinnabar Commons is a 100% Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) affordable property.
We have no current vacancies.

We qualify all applicants based on the LIHTC guidelines as well as our company policy guidelines for credit, rental history and background checks.
To see if your or your family qualifies, please do the following BEFORE you fill out the applicatation:

- Check the Income Limits here.  Once you have determined your total gross annual income you can see if you qualify to apply.
Please keep in mind we request proof of all income from all household members in order to determine qualification. Once you have done this you are ready for the next step!
-READ the Rental Guidlines and More Information. This saves time for leasing office to proceess your application.

Rental Guidelines:
We want to give you an understanding of the rental qualification guidelines. Please keep in mind that we do not have a grievance process for denied applications. Our rental guidelines are strictly enforced:

·       Every person 18 years of age and older MUST complete a credit/background check with us.
·       Credit score for every adult over 18 years of age
must be 650 or better- no exceptions.- THIS INCLUDES THOSE WITH VOUCHER ASSISTANCE
·       We do not rent to those with a history of eviction or negative rental history.
.       Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the Property
.       We DO accept up to 2 ( two) cats for an additional $500

More Property Information- MUST READ:

·        Cinnabar Commons does not offer tours or have a model to show.
·        Leasing and waitlist information is an online/email process. We do not give out applications at our office.
·        You will be placed on the waitlist once we have reviewed your completed application.
·        We do not give information to applicants regarding their place on the waitlist or how long they will be on it.
·        We will contact you when you are next on the list to be called in for an interview.
·        Do not call to see where you are on the list, we do not give this information out.
·        Send us a letter or email us at for contact or income changes.
We accept Section 8 program applicants.
·        Full-time students Do Not Qualify (Unless you are a single parent, married filing jointly(taxes), or receiving social services assistance. Proof is required.)

Once you are placed on our waitlist and you are next in line, we will call you in for an interview.

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